“Skampa” Festival in its 23rd edition, director Adonis Filipi: The theater has survived many plagues and epidemics before us.

BY JULIA VRAPI For Gazetasot.com The international contemporary theater festival “Skampa” is one of the theater events in Albania. The 23rd edition starts this year on September 30 at the “Skampa” theater in Elbasan, to continue until October 6. Nine theater troupes from Albania, Kosovo, Italy, Lithuania, Serbia and Turkey are expected to participate in Read More

Opening ceremony 23rd edition “Theater Three”

Mr.Adonis Filipi speech on the opening ceremony. Like every year that comes with a new slogan, this time the 23rd edition of the “Skampa” Festival is entitled “Theater III / Theater three”. A challenging act in the face of the difficult pandemic situation that is still present among us, through Faith, Love and Hope. “The Read More


By Miho Gjini When the beginning of a theatrical event closes, the soul is liberated! Not only do we love theater, as the most beautiful genre, which encompasses life within two emotional hours, but it communicates vividly closer to the man, who becomes part of the spectacle. Especially now, when very little money is offered Read More

“New writing and post dramatic theater” (Atelie by Jeton Neziraj)

It encourages participants (new creators ,students)to try and write drama, to sophisticate thematic, stylistic and formal approaches to the post dramatic theater. Through practical work, participants in this workshop gained basic knowledge on post-drama theater and the role of the writer in the process of post-drama theater making. Participants were practicing writing short sketches and Read More

Maia Morgenstern

Maia Morgenstern, a famous Romanian film and stage actress, described by media as “a symbol of Romanian theater and film”, was a special guest of the International Theatre Festival in Elbasan. Morgenstern has dozens of roles in films and theaters in Romania, but in the English-speaking world, she is probably best known for the role Read More

“Lule Dielli” / “SUNFLOWER”

  A working – progress art production, which comes under the context of the European Atlas of Transition Project Idea and concept by Adonis Filipi Regjia / Directed : Adonis Filipi / Xhuliano Brisku Individuals, groups of people, in an unavoidable roam of destiny.- motivated by the hope for a better and peaceful life. A Read More

International Theater Festival “Skampa 2017”

All the attention of Albanian scenic art artist has returned to Elbasan, where today’s evening will set the International Festival of Contemporary Theater “Skampa17”, which takes place every year during the fall season in this city. This year marks the 19th edition of this festival, which will be held from 22 to 27 October. Thirteen Read More