International Theater Festival “Skampa 2017”

All the attention of Albanian scenic art artist has returned to Elbasan, where today’s evening will set the International Festival of Contemporary Theater “Skampa17”, which takes place every year during the fall season in this city. This year marks the 19th edition of this festival, which will be held from 22 to 27 October. Thirteen theater troupe, six Albanian and seven foreigners, including troops from China, USA, Chile, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Kosovo etc. have been selected (among 67 submitted applications) to climb the stage of the Elbasan theater during this edition.

Under the artistic direction of renowned filmmaker Adonis Filipi, this event is organized by the Association of Contemporary Albanian Theater A.T.K., in cooperation with Skampa Theater and with the support of Elbasan Municipality and the Ministry of Culture. The artistic profile of the festival “Skampa” is exploration of stage and theater culture, through the contemporary achievements of artistic communication, alternative and scenic and theatrical experiment.

Each edition has its own slogan within this artistic profile, marking an artistic and managerial challenge of its continuity, through the exchange of ideas and exchange of experiences.

This year’s edition comes under the slogan “Awakening”, whose concept, according to the artistic director, in addition to the new forms, also carries a poetic spirit: “An awakening in the space flight, an awakening in the monotony of silence, an awakening in the conscience, an awakening in the movement of aesthetics, an awakening in the naked soul covered with suit armor, an awakening in the actor’s guise, an awakening in the eyes of the spectator, an awakening in the alternative … “.

The first night of “Skampa ’17” is opened by Chinese Kunqu Opera Opera. The show featuring this troupe is titled “Chairs”, one of the well-known works of Romanian playwright Eugene Ionesco, which is on stage under the direction of Guang-Jin Ni.

While the second show of the evening will be the dramatic poem “Gjergj Kastriot Skënderbeg”, from the Albanian American Theater Corps, under the auspices of the well-known Albanian actor and filmmaker, born in Macedonia, living in the USA, Xhevat Limani. In the days to come, 16 different performances will be realized, with a stretch not only in the city of Elbasan, but also in other cities, such as Tirana, Gramsh and Librazhd. The main goal of this festival is to approach theatrical alternatives, contemporary influences, not only to the closed scene, but also to urban and tourist environments as the need for a more tangible relationship between the theater and the spectator.