The Festival

Skampa Festival is one of the biggest international theatre events in Albania. It is held annually every autumn in Elbasan, a city of magnificent cultural heritage. Since 2006, the festival has expanded also in the city of Tirana.

The aim of this festival is to present the main trends in both Albanian and international theatre scenes in order to create a space for intercultural dialogue. It represents an adventurous voyage towards new artistic concepts. The profile of this festival was built on exchanging experiences, ideas, alternatives, and values in the field of scenic and theatrical expression. It stays true to its originality by avoiding all traditional approaches and by being open to other arts and any innovative forms of expression. The festival consists of different genres, from physical theatre and classical plays to alternative performances, and its atmosphere is enriched by various parallel events such as workshops, presentations, concerts, exhibitions, meetings, and discussions. Since the beginning, the festival has hosted over 200 national and international premieres with a rich variety of performances and styles.

Every year, Skampa Festival offers the audiences a selection of performances by Albanian and international performance troupes, welcoming more than 2500 artists from Albania and other countries like the Netherlands, Italy, Bosnia Herzegovina, Greece, Russia, Argentina, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Germany, Lithuania, France, Macedonia, USA, Bulgaria, Monte Negro, England, Poland, Kosovo, Hungary, Belgium, Serbia, Lithuania, etc. The International Festival of Contemporary Theater Skampa is organized by the Albanian Contemporary Theatre Association A.T.K and is supported by the Ministry of Culture as well as the Municipality of Elbasan.