A.T.K,  established in June 2001 in the city of Elbasan from an array of artists vocation, who wanted to contribute to the realization of ideas and joint initiatives towards embracing European modern art trends in general and theater  in particular.

Members of this association are generally the most prominent personalities in activity contribution of the stage, actress, director, painter, musician, set designer, manager of culture or art and production activities.

A.T.K, in legal terms is recognized and recorded in the Court of Tirana under the laws of the Republic of Albania on 07-07-2005.
It acts as a non-profit NGO, serious and ambitious mission: creating an encouraging climate, stimulating and creative for promotion and integration processes Albanian Theater European theater, through theater and artistic activities that contribute to the realization of contemporary ideas and initiatives.

A.T.K archives a wide and intensive activity from the founding period. That which distinguishes its activity is vision strength and organizational ability to approach problems and activities that reflect developments affecting adequate theoretical and practical aspects of theater, promoting the values and practices in the rank of contemporary regional and global. A.T.K union is a member of Interact world theater InterACT.

A.T.K. is in years the organizer of the  International Festival of Contemporary Theater “Skampa”, (www.skampafestival.com /Facebook/Skampafestival/, promoter of established of Theater festival, “Apolon” and many different theater culture activities  work-shops,seminars, conferences in national and international level.