Theatre Skampa
Directed by Adonis Filipi
"A Moment Ago" by Sergi Bebel
Directed by Giannis Anastasakis

Chairs by E.Ionesco
Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe – China
Directed by Guang-Jin Ni

"The ridiculous comedy of the contested land"
I Nuovi Scalzi – Nuova Campagnia dei Commedianti Erranti, Italy 
Directed by Claudio De Maglio & Salvino Maria Italiano

“Part of memory" 3AT Dance Company
Idea / concept choreographer & artistic director Artan Ibershimi

“Muhammad Ali”
Write and Directed by Naser Shatrolli

“Lady Capulet” based in W. Shakespeare

National Theater Music & Drama- Republic of Komi , Russia

Written by Nina Mazur / Directed by Nevena Miteva

"The ridiculous comedy of the contested land" 

"Electra" by Sophocles 
Albanian National Theater 
Directed by Adonis Filipi

"Finale Grande"
"Army Theatre" Sophia - Bulgaria 
Directed by Kamen DONEV

Co-Theater Skampa  & Theater Adriana

"Tales of  Fair Countries"  
S'Arza Theater - Italy 

"Romeo without Juliet"
Kosovo National Ballet

"I'll sell the house in which I can live no more"
 Theater KTO, Krakow - Poland

Kosovo National Theater 

"RASHAMON Fay & Michael Kanin"  
Theater of  “Metropol” Tirana

"Adam & Eve" 
JUK, (Heceg Fest) - Montenegro

“Miss July” by A Strindberg
National Theater - North Macedonia

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