“Skampa” Festival in its 23rd edition, director Adonis Filipi: The theater has survived many plagues and epidemics before us.


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The international contemporary theater festival “Skampa” is one of the theater events in Albania. The 23rd edition starts this year on September 30 at the “Skampa” theater in Elbasan, to continue until October 6. Nine theater troupes from Albania, Kosovo, Italy, Lithuania, Serbia and Turkey are expected to participate in this edition, as well as a number of personalities, theatrical performing arts specialists from the country and the world. Well-known artistic director Adonis Filipi says that his 23rd edition is entitled “Theater III / Theater three”. According to Director Filipi, it comes as a challenging act in the face of the difficult situation of the pandemic that is still present between us through faith, love and hope, but also comes as a model to be updated over time, to be tuned and changed. tej. The director Adonis Filipi, the artistic director of the international festival “Skampa” says among other things that the festival in the 23rd edition is seen as a voice of hope. “The theater has survived many plagues and epidemics before us and will survive many epidemics after us. The important thing is for everyone to try and think about what needs to be done in these difficult and strange times, to see what is wrong with our world, to move forward and to convince people to behave differently. In this context, the festival comes as a voice of hope, opening its gate to the public, as an opportunity to inspire people to convey joy and fun “, says among others the artistic director.The festival not only on the theater stage. Artistic director Adonis Filipi says that the festival, being of contemporary forms, styles and alternatives, in addition to the theater stage “Skampa” takes place in open attractive spaces of the city of Elbasan, with various activities of character educational and evocative. Created as an international theatrical project of “New Forms” the festival retains its originality over the years being the same and different in each edition, avoiding traditional approaches and promoting trends towards any innovative form of artistic expression, open to aesthetic research and theatrical collaboration with other arts, to find languages ​​in multilingualism “, says Filipi. According to him, the festival represents an adventure journey towards new artistic concepts and new theatrical perspectives, through the exchange of contemporary theatrical experiences and practices, both in the Albanian and international scenes. “It is this intercultural design that makes the Skampa festival an gravity of fun, discovery, creation and a real challenge for artists and spectators, turning the festival into an expected theatrical event beyond local, national and wider borders.” follows the artistic director Filipi. The festival opens on September 30 by Art Polis, Prishtina, with “Totem and Taboo” by Zana Hoxha, choreographed and directed by Robert Nuha. In the following nights there will be other theatrical performances, but also promotions of publications.