The “Skampa 18” theater festival also comes in Tirana in search of new audiences

The International Theater Festival “Skampa” arrives in its 18th edition. For a few nights Albanian and foreign theater troupe are on the stage of the festival, which this year has no focus only on Elbasan from and started this edition but And Tirana. Its organizers claim that its development in two cities is a novelty this year, while 11 different theater troupe participates in the festival and there will be 18 performances for the public. The artistic director of the festival Adonis Filipi brings this year to the 18th edition of the festival after a great work he has done for his development. It shows that there was a fairly attentive selection of festival participants, whose goal this year is looking for alignment with new audience audiences. To perform will be troops from Argentina, Italy, Israel, Kosovo, Macedonia, Sweden, America, Romania etc. According to the artistic director, the main purpose of this artistic event is to raise the audience and especially the participation of youth. An innovation this year is that another acting actor performed for the children on stage. “What makes it special is that this festival with its slogan” New energy “requires and the main goal is precisely its extension beyond the local borders to be a contemporary festival like its European sisters. This year’s festival is on the lookout for audiences seeking new audiences. For the first time this year’s festival is spreading in the city of Tirana. His six activities will be part of the artistic symptom, starting from the National Theater in Tirana, to attend the Experimental Theater and the Metropol Theater, as well as at the University of Arts.

For the first time in the festival, a children’s play is being produced, precisely to develop this kind of audience, but always through contemporary influences such as the Swedish theater troupe, which was welcomed, “said artistic director Adonis Filipi. Four theater troops participate from Albania. In addition to the body of the “Skampa” theater in Elbasan, the theater troupe “Migjeni” in Shkodra, the Metropol Theater troupe in Tirana and the theater “Zihni Sako” in Gjirokastra will also be attended. “This year the festival’s freshness comes from the concept, coming from the profile of this festival, being new forms. It annually brings new contemporary influences and generally productions that belong to the coolest season, “continues the artistic director.

Education through art

This year the festival operates with the art education panel. “Today was a wonderful event with a participation of 150 students through one of the best Israeli theater specialists and all communication and presentation was a tremendous interactive relationship, and this shows that young people are interested,” said the director Artistic Adonis Filipi. This year’s festival has the support of the Municipality of Elbasan and a funding from the Ministry of Culture. The festival started on October 30th to continue until November 4th. Drama “Rashomon” was the first on stage for the audience of the festival. A drama written in 1959 by the authors Fay and Michael Kanin is the selection of director Jonida Beqo to bring it to the public on stage. The drama of the Metropolitan Theater has the relationship we have with truth and justice, the relationship between courage and conscience, the critical point of view of superficial appearance, forgiveness, these are the topics that are dealt with in this work, which is so current in Albania today . The stage was performed by actors such as Aleksander Kondi, Erion Hinaj, Margent Caushi, Rozin Kostani, Edvin Mustafa, Kastriot Ramollari, Redjan Mulla, Klodjana Keco, Violeta Trebicka and Klesta Shero. The events take place in Kyoto, Japan, about a thousand years ago, a place that until the 6th century was the capital of Japan.

By Julia Vrapi