“Lule Dielli” / “SUNFLOWER”

  A working – progress art production, which comes under the context of the European Atlas of Transition Project Idea and concept by Adonis Filipi Regjia / Directed : Adonis Filipi / Xhuliano Brisku Individuals, groups of people, in an unavoidable roam of destiny.- motivated by the hope for a better and peaceful life. A Read More

Festival / “The Theater World” on the Elbasan scene

We’ve been watching Steciw and her multilayered compositions, made using stock images culled from the internet, for quite some time. With upcoming exhibitions at Neumeister Bar-Am in Berlin, annarumma in Naples, and Better Pictures in New York—as well as group shows at Wallace & Wirth and Eyebeam—Steciw was the artist about the town all year long. We’ll be following for her work with LEVY.DELVAL at the Art Los Angeles Contemporary fair